Camino Portuguese

Since I was 16, I have been walking the Camino de Santiago with my father. It has yet to be beaten in my list of great things I’ve experienced thus far. At 18,… Continue reading

Missing at 21

  Turning 21 is a big deal for a number of reason. You can legally drink in America, you can get into the bigger night clubs on the weekend, you throw yourself a… Continue reading

A Bite of Happiness

  However boring, depressing and over discussed it is, the state of the economy is hard to go without thought. It’s everywhere; in the home, in work, social groups, books, magazines, advertisement and… Continue reading

Vancouver Island | Victoria

The sun was slipping through the tall shapes of downtown Seattle, breaking golden fire along the windows of the buildings, waking the city. I felt miles away, watching it disappear into the distance… Continue reading

Belltown | 2nd Avenue District

The next morning I wanted to go to 5 Spot Café. I had read great reviews about this place for it’s food and atmosphere and in particular it’s brunch, so seeing as this… Continue reading

Seattle // Ballard Fish Ladder

I booked my flights to Seattle near the start of my summer here in America. The reason I chose Seattle was mostly because before I left, my Dad had mentioned that he would… Continue reading


Everything that is said about Vegas is true, it is a world powered by money, sex and drugs. Everyone there is there to have a good time, spend money and gamble. It’s a… Continue reading

Seaport Villiage

Seaport Villiage

Huntington// Gaslamp

Every summer there is the big US surfing open in Huntington Beach, just south from Los Angeles on the coast. This year it ran from July 20th to the 28th. My friends and… Continue reading