There was a small little restaraunt just left of my hostel so myself and an American pal went here for a bite to eat. It’s called Monteverde Beer House and it’s owned by… Continue reading

Tarcoles-Manuel Antonio-Monteverde

After quickly realising that Costa Rica’s public transport system is horrendous, I rented a scooter for 5 days. Buses run from Hermosa to Jaco twice, once in the morning and then again in… Continue reading

Jaco- Costa Rica

I stayed in a small hotel near Atlanta airport to catch some sleep before my 9am flight to San Jose the next day. When I woke I went downstairs for the breakfast where… Continue reading

Goodbye Kenya 💔✈️

I’m sitting here on my second flight watching Bend It Like Beckham. I remember when this movie came out and I watched it with my family, my Mum absolutely loved it, as did… Continue reading

Shoeless and broke in Kenya

I’m running into my final week here in Kenya and I’m constantly thinking of those things I want to do and pack in before I go, but I’m also thinking of all the… Continue reading

Painting the school & Lily!

There are two bars side by side right behind the apartment which I live in, Wazee and Beehive. They are the daily meeting point for street boys and Kenyan husbands who drink their… Continue reading

Arriving in Diani Beach

I wanted to go to Mombasa because I had heard it was a beautiful beach location, somewhere to relax, have a cocktail and swim in the sea. A little pampering in other words.… Continue reading

The Ferry Ride

Before I write about my time in Mombasa, I felt the need to write about the last 24 hours and publish it first. It was an experience I will never forget. Also please… Continue reading

Small update

As some of you might have noticed I haven’t posted in quite a while. That’s because a very large beer spilt on my laptop….even as I type this my whiskers are shrivelling up… Continue reading

Angelica Chalk School

Last Monday was the first day back to school for all children lucky enough to be able to attend. Thankfully there is a very small school out the back of the orphanage which… Continue reading