Old pals, new adventures 

I don’t know if this is just an Irish thing, or maybe even a Dublin thing, but when you meet someone from Ireland in another country one of the first things you always… Continue reading

volcano Pacaya y amigos

Without a doubt, the scenery surrounding Antigua is it’s most admirable feature.  Agua, Acatenango and Fuego are all overlooking Antigua. Pacaya is the fourth volcano but it cannot be seen from the town as… Continue reading

Exploring Antigua 

  The Paca Market, Antigua   I caught a bus that left Guatemala City at 2pm and I was in Antigua by 3. I knew Antigua was close but it was hard to imagine as I… Continue reading

Hello Guatemala 

      Crossing the beautiful old train bridge border between Panama and Costa Rica, in what seemed like an Amazon down pour so excuse my scrunched up mouse face.   Usually I… Continue reading


   When you are traveling and constantly meeting new people you find yourself repeating the same stories over and over again. Depending on what it is you are always repeating, it can be… Continue reading

Birthdays & Barracudas 

Last Thursday I turned 23 and it was the first birthday away from my family and friends. Despite my parents being modest, un-materialistic people I am always spoilt on my birthday. Every year… Continue reading

Devilish Behaviour

Once a year carnival comes to Bocas del Toro and the streets are packed with Panamanians, tourists and of course the dancing diablos and their whips! The time of carnival changes every year… Continue reading

HelloFlo & other friends

The best part about working in The Garden of Eden is the meal time, sitting with the guests, Dave and Su and chatting. So far I have met some real characters. About two… Continue reading

Little Indian

He walked away from the house, his wooden sword in hand hanging down by his side scratching along the concrete slabs of the pavement. He looked up at the huge buildings, towering over… Continue reading

The Garden of Eden

(L-R: Betina, Su, David, Andrea, Miguel) There is something so wonderful about waking to silence, I mean real silence, the silence that you can only find a million miles away surrounded by nothing… Continue reading