8 weeks with Patch

Patch and I have always been close. Our childhood was very family orientated, we were lucky in that way. Sit down dinners together most nights but always on Sunday’s, when mum would cook… Continue reading

Dear Ireland

   Innishturk Island, west coast of Ireland My dear Ireland, I know I haven’t been home in a while, but I know you remember me. It’s been nearly two years since I have… Continue reading

What it is to be a woman

   What it means to be a woman A woman asked me recently; ‘is it safe to walk home alone here?’ I replied ‘no unfortunately not, and even more unfortunately I found out… Continue reading

An eruption to remember 

   We were scaling over the last hump of volcan Acatenango, a steep rocky path hugged by lush green shrubs spurting small delicate purple flowers, the rumbling thunderous roar of volcan Fuego luring… Continue reading

El Salvador  | beers, bunnies y mas

  To many it might seem like my life is one big long vacation right now, however I do have this rather demanding tiring job of hiking volcanoes numerous times a week, so… Continue reading

Volcán Acatenango 

   The summit of Acatenango 3, 976 metres above sea level I was working in the snug, a small Irish bar in Antigua when a Canadian woman came in and sat down. Her… Continue reading

Picosita, fútbol y la Cerro San Cristóbal

  The Wonderful Picosita  One of my favourite things about traveling is finding out all the weird little traditions a place has. And I think I may have found my best yet, or… Continue reading

Old pals, new adventures 

I don’t know if this is just an Irish thing, or maybe even a Dublin thing, but when you meet someone from Ireland in another country one of the first things you always… Continue reading

volcano Pacaya y amigos

Without a doubt, the scenery surrounding Antigua is it’s most admirable feature.  Agua, Acatenango and Fuego are all overlooking Antigua. Pacaya is the fourth volcano but it cannot be seen from the town as… Continue reading

Exploring Antigua 

  The Paca Market, Antigua   I caught a bus that left Guatemala City at 2pm and I was in Antigua by 3. I knew Antigua was close but it was hard to imagine as I… Continue reading