A powerful place – hiking Patagonia

It was dark and the earth was still cold beneath my feet. Then, without warning, a pink hue began to creep into the shadows in front of me and started crawling up my… Continue reading

Dear Ireland

Dear Ireland, I have wanted to write to you for a while, but I guess I’ve been putting it on the back burner, that’s kind of what we do in life though isn’t… Continue reading

Traveller’s Tinder

I remember a time when it was a little shameful if you’d met your partner online through a dating site or on a chat forum. People would lie and say they met on… Continue reading

Dublin’s SUBSET

Since moving back to Ireland, one of the changes I have made is spending a lot more time in Dublin city. Aside from now working there Monday-Friday, I eat out in town a… Continue reading

A friendly reminder

Yesterday I left the office at 6.30pm and went around the corner into O’Donoghue’s pub on Merrion Row. I battled for a place at the bar and ordered my pint of Guinness while… Continue reading

A little Bear’s coming to town..

Bear Paw Deli Delany is moving to Greystones!

I don’t know what I will be

I remember I was 13 and choosing my junior cert exam subjects for school, trying to carefully select the subjects that would help sculpt me into the young woman I always wanted to… Continue reading

Choosing Bhakti

  The desert seems to stretch for miles here. It’s so dry and dead it seems like it would be impossible for life to exist. I have never been to a place quite… Continue reading

Yandara yoga retreat day 1-3

Flying into Cabo San Lucas, Mexico I arrived at the Yandara yoga retreat in Todo Santos Mexico after a total of 4 days travelling and limited sleep, almost out of it. It was… Continue reading

10 hours in New York City

I was listening to Nina Simone’s ‘To be young, gifted and black,’ whilst reading the final chapter of Jeannette Wall’s fantastic book ‘The Glass castle’ and felt more motivated than I had in… Continue reading